Angels Prayer

Do you need a prayer for bad dreams?

When I was a child, my parents who were into ‘colonial furniture’ bought a bed and dresser for my bedroom from a deceased man’s estate.  The furniture gave me the creeps.  I begged them to take it away but I was forced to live with it.  It was always oppressive in that room, particularly at night.  I remember finding regalia in the bottom drawer of the dresser and pulling it on over my head.

I don’t know how long afterward this happened, but something caught my eye when I was kneeling on my bed reading.  It was a black arm, right next to me, it’s hand gripping the side of the bed.  This was in broad daylight.  Neither parent cared about what I’d seen.  I didn’t know the Lord or even how to pray.  To protect myself I would say the words to “Away in a manger” every night.

I had terrible dreams for years after, until I was able to trust the Lord as my Father, and He helped me banish my demons.

After I bought my house in 1996, I asked the Lord for a bed-time prayer for my five and six-year-old children.   I didn’t want them to suffer the terror I had felt as a child.

This is the prayer He gave me.

I also got a tune to go with it.  Sometimes we’d say it, sometimes we’d sing it.   It is a simple prayer, easy to remember, and better than a dream catcher.

It’s free to share with any child who needs it.

Dear Lord,
How great you are.
I know my angels are always in your presence.
Please send me my angels now,
To guard me, my room, my house and my dreams.
And I thank you,
In Jesus name.

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