Chapter 5 The promise

The princess walked alone through no man’s land. Silver-tongue had joined her briefly and unwillingly  at the milestone of her daughter’s fifth birthday, before going his own way, hunting deer. She remembered a promise that the King had given in his sacred book, an awesome promise too difficult to believe, for she thought it involved Silver-tongue.

“You will be called by a new name,
A name given by the Lord himself.
You will be like a beautiful crown for the Lord.
No longer will you be called “Forsaken,”
Or your land be called “The Deserted Wife.”

Your new name will be “God Is Pleased with Her.”
Your land will be called “Happily Married,”
Because the Lord is pleased with you.”  Isaiah 62:2-4

The King could see the struggle in her to believe that this was His will. He came to her and asked “Why do you not trust in my promise?” Thinking of Silver-tongue, she admitted “I no longer trust him or the love that he offers. I am afraid of his words. ”

My companion attacks his friends; he violates his covenant.  His speech is smooth as butter, yet war is in his heart; his words are more soothing than oil, yet they are drawn swords. Psalm 55:20-21

The King agreed, and spoke to her through his word;
“Why should you be beaten any more?  Why do you persist in rebellion?  Your whole head is injured, Your whole heart afflicted.  Isaiah 1:5-6

Confused, she asked the King what he intended regarding Silver-tongue. He replied gravely “He is not for you.” She nodded unhappily and replied “I fear it will be bad for me to stay with him.”  The King agreed, watching her. “Then how can my land be called ‘Happily married?” she asked bewildered. “You will be given to another” the King responded. “There is no other!” she replied. “I don’t want any other!” “He has been chosen.” replied the King.    “What! Do I not even have a choice?” she asked the King. “Yes, you have freewill. But I remind you are one of MINE. Your life you gave to me, and I am the Lord. Let me rule. My choice for you is better, and my will for your life is perfect. Learn to trust” He replied.

She was still addicted to Silver-tongue. “Please, Lord. I do not want anyone else. Silver-tongue is everything I desired. It is just his heart, and the manner in which he regards ME. I know at times I am moody and unhappy.  I have lost so much these three years, and I am stressed out because he procrastinates.  He can’t accept me the way I am now, but I know he will when he resolves things and we are together.  He tells me that his commitment to me is irrevocable and forever, and that he is on his own – that’s why I am still trying to make it work.  At first he was so tender, so charming. He put me first and really cared about me.  I want that back. Can you not change the way he regards me? Please Lord, can you not teach Silver-tongue how to love?” she pleaded.  

“He does not approach me for advice in this as he believes that he already knows how to love” the King stated.  “Then tell him that he does not know” she begged, crying. “You know that I can only work through belief” the King replied. “Then what is his belief?” she asked the King sadly, already knowing.  The King shook his head. “He believes only in himself. He thinks he is special and you need to be worthy of him.  You are regarded as an object” the King said coldly, spelling it out.  “He believes he is superior and thinks you are beneath him.”  She realised then how futile it was to go on hoping.

“Lord, then why did he persist with me if that is his belief?” she asked bewildered and crying. “It suits him to regard you that way. He wants to control you and keep his wife” replied the King with compassion.  “That is not love. It was never love, was it?  You had to stand back and let me learn that for myself.  He does not love me!” she cried in pain. “What is going to happen to me now, Lord?” she asked at last, feeling numb.   The King replied, bringing her hope.  “Without him, your life is going to get better.  Long term, you can trust my promises.  Delight yourself in me, and I will give you your hearts desire. Psalm 37:4

If you seek first my Kingdom, I will fulfill the promises I have made.  I replant waste fields and rebuild ruined cities. I will not fail to do what I have promised.”

In the Kingdom, she looked around her at the falling leaves which had left a golden gown on the ground about her feet. She replied “I choose to be free.  This is the season when the wind grows cold and the land sleeps.  In this time I will follow you, and practise what you have taught me. With your help, I will rebuild my life.”  The Lord nodded and took her hand. In the palm of her hand he placed a seed, the first seed to be planted on the ground made barren. He said “This is for the spring.”  “What is it?” she asked. “Wait and see” the King said as He smiled and left.  It was an acorn.  

The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities.” 
James Allen


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