Chapter 6 The road to freedom

faith-sign-21The Princess bought a house and did not tell Silver-tongue.  It was a 1910 style California Bungalow with a lot of character, in a neighbourhood that would be good for her children to grow up in.  Possession date was in a month’s time.  She packed in a quiet and surreptitious manner.

More than once she had tried to break free, but Silver-tongue’s hold had been too strong.  These last weeks of autumn were different, for now she had hope for her future, and her own house where she could make a new start.

One evening in late autumn when the wind blew cold outside her cottage, she called the King to her side.  He joined her in front of the fire she had lit. “Lord, I am now strong enough to break away.  I know you have forgiven my involvement with Silver-tongue. I know that I will not walk alone. You have taught me well, and this time I will do it, but please stand by me.”  “You know I will there beside you” the King promised.

“Lord, what is going to happen to me after I have gained my freedom?” she queried the King dubiously, worrying.  All she could see ahead was a desert of loneliness.  The King looked at her as she added a log to the fire. “You have a long road ahead.  Who you travel it with depends on faith – faith in Me, faith in yourself, and faith in your fellow man.” “Well, I have no problem believing in you, Lord, but I have difficulty believing in myself after being belittled and undermined by Silver-tongue” she said.

He asked “Who do you believe, me or him? Whose words carry more weight?”   She replied “I am sorry, Lord. What made me choose this man in the first place?” The King replied “He chose you.  At first, you were impressed and flattered. You fell for the outwards appearance of a man.  Looks, influence, intellect, wealth, and a white charger are not everything.

Learn to look at the heart of a man.  You will see a man through my eyes.”

“Pay no attention to how tall and handsome he is.
I have rejected him, because I do not judge as man judges.
Man looks at the outward appearance, but I look at the heart.  1 Samuel 6:7

 “Please bring me a man who is the exact opposite of Silver-tongue” she prayed.


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