Chapter 11 Praying the Word

My WordA season had passed since the Princess had fought free of Silver-tongue, but she still felt bad. She felt filthy from her involvement with him. “I feel that no soap can wash this away” she remarked to the King one day despondently.  “No soap can wash away my sins.”  Job 9:30

The Princess kept these feelings to herself.  The Minstrel, who did not know she had spoken these words to the King, brought her a gift for her birthday. It was soap, bearing these words; “God is Love” 1 John 4:8

The Princess smiled at the King but read no more from the gift than that.  The Minstrel blew hot and cold in friendship.  It did not occur to her until afterwards that they seemed to get on better together when White Flower was not around.

She started to pray with White Flower, which the King seemed to approve of.  It seemed natural to want to get together with a friend, a woman, on a regular basis and pray.  She asked the King what they should pray.  “Pray the Word together” He said. “What is praying the Word?” she asked.  “Find appropriate scriptures and then pray them into the situation.  My word never returns void”  He said.

“My word is like the snow and the rain
That come down from the sky to water the earth
They make the crops grow
And provide seed for planting and food to eat
So also will be the word that I speak –
It will not fail to do what I plan for it
It will do everything I send it to do.”   Isaiah 55:10

“Whenever two of you on earth agree about anything you pray for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.   For where two or three come together in my name, I am there with them.”  Matthew 18:19


5 thoughts on “Chapter 11 Praying the Word

  1. Greetings friend, I’m Melissa Crawford and I appreciate the prophecy that I found on your webpage. My husband wanted me to invite you to share with our live video streaming e-revival audience as soon as possible. At Spirit University he is training a team of prophetic students and we are all receiving end time visions, dreams and words like yours. One of our students has been seeing fireballs falling from Heaven and as you know, one actually fell on Russia.

    Many other prophetic signs are being confirmed at our e-Revival.

    Everyone receives a prophetic word by my husband James Crawford; if they request one and we have an e-Revival every day! We would love to have you or anybody else’s prophecies shared at God’s revival!

    Times you can call in to share:
    Mon – Fri at 10:45 am & 7 pm (central)
    Sat. at 4 pm (central)
    Sun. at 11 am (central)

    Feel free to call our cell at (318) 655-2297 or email for more information.

    Keep up the good work and God bless you.


    • Hi Melissa,
      Thanks for contacting me, and your invite to your live video conference. Unfortunately I am in a different time zone (New Zealand) so won’t be able to join you. Its interesting that you see my posts as prophetic, as that is not a gift I am strong on 🙂 My gifts are writing, discernment and faith, which as you can see I am using in the Lord’s service. The Lord doesn’t give me end times visions, although I know the signs and the times. My country, like yours, is under judgement. Right now our government is voting in Gay marriage, it hasn’t been put to a citizens referendum, and we haven’t had rain for months. Please remember NZ in your prayers, as we remember you in the States. I am married to an American (from Florida) who has been here since he was 12.
      I have a heart for the lost and try to write about the King in a way that the world can understand. God bless you, Jo


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