The Light of the World, and the Word in Chinese characters

Christ made seven “I AM” statements.   I am going to write about His second “I AM” statement, “I AM the light of the world.”  It starts off in Genesis.

I asked God a lot of questions after reading Genesis, the first book of the Bible.  Like why were plants created before the Sun?  Why did man live for hundreds of years at the beginning, and not now?

The best question I ever heard asked though was by my Chinese friend Marie, a convert to Christ from Buddhism.  She understood the creation story from the characters in her ancient language, telling me the Bible story was in the Chinese characters long before the missionaries arrived.  She asked “Why did God put the tree that caused all the trouble in the Garden in the first place?”  I said I didn’t know, but it was a good question.

Chui, my friend from Malaysia confirmed what Marie said about the characters.  Here’s another example from a Chinese character:

Chinese for CONVERSE: 火火 (Two glowing people) (talking) to one another. From the time they ate the fruit and sinned, (man) is written without a glow upon his body. When in the presence of God, God’s glory comes upon mankind, (2 Cor. 3) as it did with Moses. Sin removed the glory of God (Romans 3:23) which came upon the man and the woman when they came into God’s presence daily. Source:

I was intrigued and more than a bit envious of their pictorial language, even though English was easier to learn at school.  I missed out on a lot in my education.

This story I am going to tell about “The Bright Morning Star” arose from my question about why  the plants were created before the sun.  It too turned out to be a good question.

If you want to know more about the Chinese characters, here is a good link I found:

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