Chapter 13 Princess Deborah and the word

not_by_might_largeThe Princess sighed as she stood by the swimming pool.  She needed another prayer partner to replace White Flower, for White Flower’s attention was elsewhere.  She had told the King of her need, and waited for His answer.

As she lifted her eyes from her daughter happily splashing in the water, she caught the eyes of another watching mother.  Her face was becoming familiar as she seemed to take her daughters swimming on the same days.  The princess smiled and moved to sit next to her.  As they sat together keeping a watchful eye on their young children, they talked, and learned they both followed the King.  They smiled at each other in understanding.

“Let’s get together for a coffee” the Princess invited Princess Deborah.  Princess Deborah paused, as her smile disappeared.  Her reply was cautious “I’d love too, but I cannot invite you to my place.  My husband does not like me having friends.”  The princess made a face and said “That sounds familiar.  His name’s not Hugh is it?”

Smiling, Princess Deborah replied “No, who is Hugh?”  The princess laughed sardonically and said “A man who didn’t like me having friends.  I finally got shot of him last year.  You can come back to my place.  I promise you it is safe.  The house is under the watchful eye of the King.”

They soon became firm friends, knowing they had each other’s back.  Princess Deborah did not gossip, which the Princess was glad of and needed.  She trusted Princess Deborah as she came to see the things they shared stayed between them.  Princess Deborah appreciated the princess’s knowledge of the rough terrain of her marriage.  The princess said “I will support you whatever you choose to do, whether you stay with your husband, or leave him.”

They each had their own battles.  Princess Deborah often found herself abused, belittled and undermined by her second husband.  The princess knew what that felt like and had a heart for Deborah.  Although she found it hard to trust others, especially men, she did not want her experiences with Silver Tongue to colour or prejudice the way she saw Princess Deborah’s husband – it was not the way of the Kingdom.

They learned they had both had been given the same word by the King, to rebuild the temple. The Riddler had plainly given the Princess that word, but he often delivered words that were cryptic, and pitched well into the future, in this case a year’s advance march.  She knew it meant she needed to rebuild her life according to the King’s will and design.

Now she had come to the place where the temple was to be rebuilt, as had Princess Deborah. They did not have any idea how that was to be achieved. It occupied much of their discussion as they walked the road together.

“You will succeed,
Not by might,
Not by power,
But by my spirit.

Obstacles as great as mountains
Will disappear before you.
You will rebuild the Temple,
And as you put the last stone in place,
the people will shout,
“Beautiful, beautiful!” Zechariah 4:6


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