Chapter 16 The place of the tower

wccCircle in the sand
‘Round and ’round …

– Belinda Carlisle

The Princess walked through a door the King opened, into a new field.  She did not know it then, but He was going to lead her in a big circle.  All she knew was that opportunity knocked.

It began as a new job, a position at a college as a Science Technician, which Princess Eve recommended her for.  The college principal did not ask about her science qualifications at the job interview.  “I see you are a computer programmer” he said, as he looked at her resume.

When he finished reading he looked up and said “The job is yours”, his rationale being if she could write code she could handle the work in the lab.  Now she had two part time jobs, and she was delighted.  Liking this new and welcoming place in the Kingdom, she thanked Princess Eve and the King, as she laughed about the job interview saying “It is just as well they did not ask about my science qualifications!”

The Princess was taken to meet the technician she would be replacing.  He had a young face with greying hair, and he looked vaguely familiar.  She had seen him before, but could not remember where their paths had crossed.  They walked across the quadrangle to the tower block where a large tree grew, its branches reaching to the fourth floor.  The man was pleasant, his manner polite but aloof.

He explained that he was under a lot of pressure as they had been expecting him to look after the Science and Computer labs.  They walked into the lab technician’s room on the fourth floor.  The room had a beautiful view, looking out over the town towards the hills and Mount Ruapehu, which capped the horizon in the north east.

After showing her the two lab rooms and all the equipment, he handed over the purchasing book, technician’s manual, lab technician’s coat, and prepared to head out the door.  “Where are you going?” she asked.  “I don’t have time to train you.” he said brusquely.  “But, but  … “she stammered as he shook his head.  “Read the manual” he called after him as he shut the door.   She made a face at the King about the lack of training, and got to work familiarising herself with this unfamiliar field.


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