A Word About ‘the Word’ (of God)

The Bible is called “the Word of God.”  The word is “God breathed,” for it comes from the mouth of God.

Man shall not love by bread aloneGod breathed.

There is the Logos word, and the Rhema word.  The Logos is the entire bible, the whole counsel of God, meant for our spiritual instruction and teaching of doctrine.  Its God’s Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.  It has a general application.

The Rhema is the confessed word, which is creative and can be a promise, affirmation or command.  It has a specific application.  In Greek, the word Rhema means “an utterance.”  For the believer, its a word that “speaks” from the Bible for personal application.  Its precious and very valuable.  It applies to a current situation, issue or need and is timely.  When we receive it, it is called “a word.”

The Kingdom story chronicles what I heard from the Lord speaking to me through the Rhema word.  I’ve treasured the words of the Lord and constructed the Kingdom as a place to store them.  Some of the things the Lord told me found their fulfillment several years and chapters later.

For example, early in my walk with the Lord I was given a word, which I recorded in The Kingdom – Signs

“Set up road signs;
put up guideposts.
Take note of the highway,
the road that you take.

Return, O Virgin Israel,
return to the town you left.
How long will you wander,
faithless daughter?
The LORD will create a new thing on earth—
a woman will encircle a man.”  Jeremiah 31:21-22

When I received this Rhema word, I was in a bad relationship I needed to leave.  I was now a follower of “the way”, learning about “the truth”, traveling towards “the life.”

I needed guidance in the way I was living, and to know where the Lord wanted me to be.

This word instructed me to mark the road I took, to setup signs and guideposts.  When I noticed a sign or received a word to guide me, I wrote about it in the Kingdom.  The chapters were my guideposts.

The second part of the word about returning to the town I left was in answer to a question I had about my place in the world.  I wanted to return to Sydney but was stuck in a small town in NZ, bringing up two kids on my own.  The word was to “return to the town I left,” but I didn’t know what that meant.  The part about “walking around a man in a circle” had me completely baffled, but I recorded it in my story.  It was to be revealed in the future.

The chapter about the circle began at “the place of the Tower.”


6 thoughts on “A Word About ‘the Word’ (of God)

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  2. Dear Jo,
    I had just finished a comment on my – http://gloryteller.com/2015/11/22/a-child-giving-thanks/ , where I discussed the impact to my life of a little sister named Rhema. When I finished, I noted that you had put a “like” on that same post so I came here to see what you were doing of late. I was immediately led here to discover your post on the Rhema Word! God is weaving threads together, more and more, in a tapestry of precious personal revelation for me, just as you described here! I hope you will go and read the reply to a comment that I left a link to, above. Thank you for this post, your book which I intend to buy soon, and your kind readership for which I am grateful. (What a brilliant idea of storing your Rhema Words in a story – simply brilliant)
    Have a happy day in NZ!

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    • Hi Len,
      Thanks so much for your comments, it means a lot. It’s funny you mention the tapestry because I’d seen it too, and had been talking to my husband about it when I was working on the book foreword. The threads I mentioned in my story are scarlet and gold.
      I love that poem you wrote called “He Coloured My World,” it makes me think about all the other colours woven in to God’s big picture.
      I went back to the link on your post and read the back story to little Rhema the singer. It was very poignant. I’m glad you wrote about her.
      Thanks so much for your blog and your encouragement, and I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving from NZ.
      God bless, Jo

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  3. It is a delight to be your fellow writer and brother. He connects us all with one another and with Himself in ways that we must acknowledge He is responsible for! Colored threads! Tapestries of revelation! Poignant stories! Tears of Joy! Blessings across His Oceans, Sister!


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