Chapter 23 Rebuilding the wall

nehemiah-brick-coThe Princess leaned back in her chair as she looked at Princess Deborah.  They were reading the book of Nehemiah, pondering the wall he built.  How do we implement what we are reading from Nehemiah into real life?” she asked. 

They went to the King; “Lord, we need your specific guidance on how to rebuild our lives.  Can we have some books or something?” they asked.  The King responded.  Before the week was out, Princess Kate brought books, and Princess Livia tapes. The incredible thing was, they didn’t know each other or what the Princesses had asked for.

Armed with the books and audio, the Princesses together went to work on building their boundaries.

Later in the week the King found the Princess sprawled out amongst the building material, listening to the tapes and taking notes.  The Princess was amazed to find that the book she was reading on boundaries tied in with the word from Nehemiah, as she read visualise your boundaries as being a fence, a stone wall around you.

She knew from experience that when her learning was confirmed like this, it was indeed from the Lord. She smiled as she read “Boundaries are for keeping the temple secure. Boundaries are freedom, and freedom is love.  Boundaries are not for giving justice to someone who is a jerk.” 

The King replied; “I have watched you through all the study you did to earn your bread in the outside world. Now finally you are learning from me what I have been longing to teach you!  I am delighted when people desire to learn from me.  I honour that and I will teach them.”

The King kept them working on the rebuild of their lives.  They learned about damaged boundaries in families.  They were going to be part of a transitional generation that would change direction towards integrity, truthfulness, a generation who would stand firm and not yield to pressure, that would reverse what could be up to ten generations of movement the other way. A generation that would say; “I am going to value the integrity of my spirit, and go the other way”.

One afternoon the Princess decided to take time out and visit Princess Deborah. Feeling bored with working on boundaries, she decided on her way over to discuss and plan other things to do in the Kingdom.  The King knew her mind and thought otherwise.  The first thing that greeted her as she pulled up at Princess Deborah’s was a big pile of rocks.  One rock had rolled directly onto Princess Deborah’s path, and the rest were piled on the grass, waiting.

She could see the King’s smile.  She smiled back at Him.  “Really?” she asked as she walked through the door.  Princess Deborah laughed as she poured a glass of wine for her.  She explained that her husband had brought the rocks down from Taupo for landscaping.  Laughing at the big sign they had been given, they made a toast to the King.


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