Chapter 24 Forgiveness


“Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Matthew 6:12

Cherry approached the Princess at the 3pm school pickup.  The Princess looked at her, outwardly calm but inwardly seething.  Her mind entertained two possible answers to Cherry’s question. 

Cherry needed help with her resume and knew the Princess had a computer and printer.  She was obviously unaware that White Flower had repeated her slander.

After the Princess had walked away from the Minstrel at the Crossroads, he had shored up his wounded ego by giving Cherry his chapters of the Kingdom to read.  Even though it was not her business, Cherry read what she wrote and spoke against both her, and her brother.

Her poisonous comments made their way back to the Princess by way of White Flower.   After that she loathed Cherry.  Here was an opportunity for the Princess to tell Cherry where to go, except she remembered the King had said she would forgive her.

In an instant the Princess remembered an incident with the King where He had granted her His forgiveness.  In was a wordless conversation a year before, she had seen His beautifully shaped hand smooth out the sand.  When He saw that she did not understand, His hand went to the duster on a chalk board.  The message was forgiveness, “I am wiping the slate clean.”  If He could do that for her, she knew she had to do the same.

She answered Cherry “Yes, I will help with that, bring it around.”   Cherry came around, they sorted out her resume, and they ate a meal together.  They parted amicably.  The Lord hates evil thoughts, but he is pleased with friendly words. Proverbs 15:26

Left with the Minstrel all to herself, Cherry lost interest in him.  White Flower no longer wanted him for a friend either and bailed on him shortly after the Princess.  In the winter the Minstrel moved from the hill, and life got better.

The Princess did not choose to resume the friendship with Cherry they once had as teenagers, for forgiveness did not mean she had to like or trust Cherry.  The important thing was the bad blood was dealt with and they could now move on.  The Princess did not want to go around that mountain with Cherry again.

Forgive to move on


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