Chapter 40 Almond Grove

Almond blossomThe Princess stirred in her sleep and smiled.  Deep in a dream, she walked slowly through the Kingdom, looking about her. 

She found herself in a heavily forested area of hills, on a quiet country road that led to a lodge of sorts, which she never saw. The road snaked back on itself in a big loop, and there were two small, rustic bridges over a stream, leading to a grove of trees.  The trees in this area were all in blossom, white blossom. Some of the trees formed an avenue which she wandered dreamily through, admiring the beauty of the place.

When she awoke, she knew the dream was significant.  Before falling asleep the night before, she had asked the King for a clear direction of His will for her life, so she could know what to hope for.  In order to meet the Prince the King had promised, she had to believe he existed.  In the morning, out came the dream dictionary. Trees or shrubs in bloom meant a time of great prosperity and ease, both of body and of mind. She was pleased to learn that, but her question remained. That night, as she was studying the King’s scripture, He spoke to her of ‘Almond Trees’ and ‘blossoms’.

The word of the Lord came to me: ‘what do you see, Jeremiah?’
I see the branch of an almond tree’ I replied.
The Lord said to me, “you have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled” Jeremiah 1:11-12

The King asked her “What do you see?”

Her reply was a question; “Almond trees?” He nodded. “Lord, what are you trying to tell me?” she asked, fetching the dream dictionary. Looking it up, she found that to dream of Almond Trees in bloom meant to look forward with certainty to happiness in the married state.

“Really?” she asked the King, her eyes shining.

“Yes, you have seen correctly, for I am watching to see my word is fulfilled” He promised.

The Princess felt a new emotion, one she had not allowed herself in years.  Hope.  Happiness bloomed like blossom on a dead branch.  The King had granted her a second chance.  This was His will for her life, and He was watching to see it fulfilled.  The next day she had it confirmed. A friend of hers, who did not know of her dream, or the Kingdom, mentioned they were going to plant an Almond tree on their section. She felt the Lord standing behind them smiling at her. She must have looked very happy about their Almond tree!

Well the sun came up on a frosty winter’s morn
In the night she’d had a dream
And then she was rising for another day
Round about her home
But the pieces of the dream were strange
And she was glad of the signs that came ….

Well, we're talkin' 'bout Almond Grove, wo, oh, oh,
Oh, Almond Grove.

But ev'ryday there's a new thing comin',
See what comes into view.
The almond tree wakes
from it’s winter sleep
Blooming in the winter’s chill
The wood looked dead
But the blossom came alive!

Well, the trees are in blossom in Almond Grove, wo, oh, oh,
Oh, Almond Grove.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 40 Almond Grove

    • Hi Cindy, Sorry I haven’t replied until the weekend. Its been a full on week at work, and my head is till reeling.
      I will get the story into an e-book and try selling it through Lulu. I’m glad to hear you suggest it. For now I’m just focusing on getting it on-line. Ten years ago the Lord spoke to me out of Habbakuk telling me to “write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets”. I didn’t know what He meant until the iPads, Androids and e-Book readers started appearing.
      My target market is anyone who is interested in the Kingdom of God, and I have a special interest in New Agers who need to know the Lord. Do you think I should put New Age tags on my posts so they get to read it?
      God bless,


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