Chapter 42 Canberra

James Court, CanberraThe Princess looked around appreciatively at her new domain, gave a low whistle and smiled at White Flower. Her comfortable, beautifully appointed second floor apartment in Canberra overlooked a heated salt water pool. Her rooms had every comfort, and she laughed with delight. 

The only thing lacking was the view of Black Mountain and the Telstra Tower, which she got later when she moved up to the eighth floor.  This was going to be her home for the next four months. She was delighted, and thanked the King over and over.  The time foretold of in her dream, a time of great prosperity and ease, both of body and of mind, had come.

The work was easier than the work in New Zealand, although there was no sense of belonging.  On the weekends she divided her time between Sydney and Canberra.  Some weekends were spent catching up with friends from her old life in Sydney.

Other weekends were spent with White Flower, and her children who stayed during the week with their father in Sydney.   She found a great church where she worshipped the King with the Australian believers.  Mostly they were peaceful, happy days.  She missed the children when she put them on the bus for Sydney at the end of the weekend, but made good use of her time alone.


Bruce Campus, Canberra

The King promised the Princess “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye upon you”.  He made good on His promise, now prompting the Princess to take a Computer Servicing course at the Canberra Institute of Technology.  She did not understand why.

The reason would only become clear later.  The course covered hardware skills she would have learned if she had done the advanced second year of her qualification back in New Zealand, but she had chosen work as a programmer instead.

Her decision to further her skills in a different area of Information Technology did not go down well with her employers, and she regretted mentioning it at work.   They expected her to take a programming paper, which was the logical choice.  She did not offer an explanation to them.  The course was attended in her own time, and not work related.

How could she explain the guidance she received?  Her rationale was that she wanted to explore a different area of the IT industry, where she would learn about hardware as well as software.  Women did not occupy that arena, as she soon found out, when she walked through the door to the lab and found herself in a class full of men.

Outside of her comfort zone at first, she soon felt at ease with her classmates.  “Aye aye aye!  What are you going to get me into next?” she asked the King quietly, smiling as she strolled through the leafy campus to class.   She breathed in the scent of the eucalypts, admired the brightly coloured Rosellas that flew around the campus, and thanked the King, as she savoured the time she had to herself.


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