Chapter 43 The sky’s the limit …


Australia Day in Canberra

Boom!  “The sky is the limit” the announcer promised, as the fireworks lit up the night sky above Lake Burley Griffin.  Music played on massive speakers to accompany the pyrotechnics as Canberra celebrated Australia Day.

The Princess sat on the grass with a friend from work, her mind going back to the Pits, where she had promised the King the same thing, the sky was the limit.  She wished she could have told her friend about that promise, but knew he would not understand.  He disliked the King intensely and refused to have anything to do with the Kingdom, although he liked her. As far as he was concerned, she was ‘one of those people’, ‘a God-botherer’, but she was ‘alright’.  It would have been great to have met a man she could share the experience with, a man who would get it when she talked about the King.

Her hope that she would meet a Prince in Canberra was not to be, for even at the King’s weekly gathering the King kept then away.  She scowled at the King as He separated her from a blonde Prince. “Father, why are you doing this to me? Is there to be no-one here for me? If there is not one single Prince in your whole Kingdom for me, then I will forget about that, but surely I can remain over here.” The King said nothing.

Autumn eventually came, turning Canberra red green and golden.  In the mornings fog threw a white blanket over the land until the sun burned it off.  Her future seemed shrouded in the same fashion, but where was the sun?  It was time to return to life in small town New Zealand.  She wanted to stay in Australia, but the doors closed to her.    She tried the closed doors and begged the King to stay in Australia.

“Father, are you to say nothing? I hate that place. I never chose to live there. You know that!  How can the sky be the limit back there, in the small town of a small country?  I despise it.”

Zechariah 4 v 10The King replied;

Who despises the day of small things?”  Zechariah 4:10

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for I the Lord rejoice to see the work begin. I have already determined what I want to build in your life, and I am laying your foundations accordingly. Do not expect it to be easy; breaking up stubborn sod and removing old root systems never is.

Furthermore, when it is laid, your foundation will neither be visible or attractive because it is not meant to be featured, it is meant to be built upon”.

She started to cry. “There is nothing for me there!”   He comforted her.  “It is better that you return. Stay and raise the children there, even though for you it is the day of small things. You are to remain, and pull the plough, and mind my household.

Sometimes the Kingdom is about slaying dragons, sometimes the day of small things, not so exciting I know, but necessary. Go back. Keep building back there, brick by brick, day by day, stone by stone. Restore the ruined house, even if it is only you left to do the work.  Blessed is the servant whom for when I return, I find minding my house.”

The King finished with a small promise, “Do not worry about your property while you are over here, for I am keeping watch”.

You shall know that your tent is in peace, you shall visit your dwelling and find nothing amiss”.  Job 5:24


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