Chapter 47 Why drink water from the River?

broken-pot-300x225Why go to Assyria to drink water from the River?” the King asked, eyebrows raised and eyes glinting. “What?” asked the Princess, puzzled.  “I know of your thirst.  I heard you tell Ishmael he was like water for you in a desert” He growled,  jealous for the Princess.  He said

“I remember the devotion of your youth,
How as a bride you loved me,
And followed me through the desert,
Through a land not sown.  Jeremiah 2:2

Long ago you broke off your yoke
And tore off your bonds;
You said ‘I will not serve you!’  Jeremiah 2:20

You of this generation,
Consider the word of the Lord:
Have I been a desert to Israel?
Or a land of great darkness?

Why do my people say
‘We are free to roam;
We will come to you no more’?

Does a maiden forget her jewellery?
Or a bride her wedding ornaments?
Yet me people have forgotten me,
Days without number!  Jeremiah 2:31

My people have committed two sins:
They have forsaken me,
The spring of living water,
And have dug their own cisterns,
Broken cisterns that cannot hold water.”  Jeremiah 2:13

The King repeated His question,
Now why go to Assyria to drink water from the River? Jeremiah 2:18

Knowing the King was displeased, and anxious to answer Him, the Princess looked up the borders of Assyria, a nation that no longer existed.  She jumped clean out of her chair in shock at what she suspected she would discover, and got to her feet.  Iraq, the land that Ishmael came from, was once part of Assyria.  The King was asking why, forsaking Him, she would go to Iraq to satisfy her thirst? He was waiting.

She responded.  “Yes, I admit it. I did forsake you for men, and there is a risk I still might. You do not have arms that you can wrap around me or a body that can comfort me. I cannot even see you. Not long ago you wanted to be my father, and that was bad enough after I thought you let my brother die. Now you are sounding like some jealous lover! So I do prefer men to you. I admit it!

To love you means denying my needs!  For four years now I have tried to please you, by being on my own and not taking lovers, but I cannot live like this anymore! So you tell me, what can I do? What more do you want of me?”

The King looked at her in sadness. “Why don’t you trust me?  Have you forgotten my promises?  Who said I wanted you to stay in the desert?  I long to bring you into a good land!  I have not forgotten you or forsaken you, and I have not ordained for you a lifetime of being alone. I tell you, I love you too much to leave you in this place.  Trust me and learn what I want for you.  You are the one who chose the desert, and that is why Ishmael appeared. ”

With tears in her eyes, the Princess bowed before the King, asking “Help me to want you more.”


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