The second wish

Once upon a time there was a Princess, who had made two wishes without consulting her Father, the King.  It just as well this is not a fairy tale.


Her life in tatters after leaving a narcissist, the Princess made of the King her first request;

Please bring me a man who is the exact opposite of Silver-tongue, the narcissist” she prayed.  The King decided to grant her request because she needed to learn.  She should have asked for wisdom.

The next man, a double minded man, was the complete opposite but just as perverse.

Ask according to God's willThe foolish princess still hadn’t learned and asked the King to bring her someone else.  It was another soulish prayer.  “Please bring me someone who sees me for who I really am, and desires me” she asked.  The King, who wanted the Princess to see herself through His eyes, replied “Be careful of what you ask.”

The King granted the Princess her wish, summoning Ishmael, a foreigner from a far off land, a man of a different faith.  Ishmael loved and desired the Princess, restoring her self esteem.  The Princess wanted Ishmael, but he could never be her husband.  “Why did you bring me Ishmael?”  the Princess asked the King.  She knew this was not the King’s will.  “You asked for him”  the King replied.

She should have sought the will of the King.

And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us. 1 John 5:14

The first wish: Chapter 6 The road to freedom

The second wish: Chapter 15 True Beauty


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