Chapter 57 A Message from the King

prayer-girl-talking-to-jesusIn the Kingdom, the Princess found herself back in the desert. Tired and thirsty, she stopped for a rest and talked to the King. “It is dry here. Where’s this living water you spoke of?” she asked. “You will find it” He answered.

She went to the most pressing subject; “When Prince Mentor wakes up to what your plans are – will he approve of me? If he doesn’t, at least I have your approval. I thirst for that from you.”
“I spread out my hands to you;
My soul thirsts for you like a parched land.”  Psalm 143:6

As they waited, she asked “Why have you led me on this path?”
You chose it” He replied, reminding her “I gave you the choice, and you chose the hard yet interesting path”. She thought about it as she struggled along. The path was certainly getting interesting.
At the close of the year the King sent to both her and Prince Mentor a message about partnership.

You… became my partners

Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2002
Subject: The Word for Today: You Can’t Do It by Yourself

A woman was in a situation where she needed help but kept shouting, ‘I’ll do it myself!'” Are you like that? Trying to do it all on your own? On his office wall, Alex Haley, the author of Roots, has a picture of a turtle sitting on top of a six-foot fence post. The caption reads, “You can be sure he had help getting up there!” Haley says, “Anytime I feel too proud to ask for help, I look at that picture.”
Somebody within your reach knows something you need to know; something you’ll never learn on your own. They’re your mentor. Get close to them. Drop your bucket into their well and begin to draw water.
Paul recognised his limitations so he connected his life to others.
Listen, “You Philippians became my partners in giving and receiving. “Some of us know how to give but not receive. Others know how to receive but not give. Winners know how to do both!  – Philippians 4:15

As she read the message she walked onto the back porch and asked the King “Yes, it’s funny about the turtle, but Father – why do you think I am too proud to ask for help? I wasn’t too proud, I was too scared. You saw what happened when I did ask. I was accused of asking the same question twice, or not asking the right question, of not ‘thinking outside the box’ – whatever that cliché meant, they wouldn’t explain.

You know of all the times I asked where I was ignored, given the wrong information, not given enough information, refused, sabotaged, or made to look a fool.” The King replied “I know.  I witnessed it. It hurt to see it, and your response. I’ve seen you withdraw, try your best to do the task by yourself, and leave yourself in a very precarious situation.”

She asked “What do you want me to do?” The King said “Be assertive. Don’t be afraid to ask for help at your new job, even if you have to insist on it.” He outlined the practical part to her first. “You are to get Prince Mentor to assist you next month at work. It is too large a job getting the computer lab and library ready for the new school term on your own. When you go to the principal with your request, get Deborah to pray while you are in his office. Prince Mentor will provide you with a strategy to use when you ask for help.” She bowed to Him and replied “As you wish.”

She walked into the Kingdom and waited for the rest. “What do you mean about the mentor, the bucket and the well?” The King smiled as He replied “Is it not obvious? You both know something the other needs to know; something you’ll never learn on your own. You will learn from each other. I have confirmed he is your mentor. He is honest, and has a deep well of knowledge and understanding which he is happy to share. It is alright to get close to him” the King promised. The Princess looked askance at the King. “Is he the one? If he is, he does not see me” she warned. “He will” the King replied.

In the Kingdom she found herself at the top of the steep hill she had struggled up the previous day. The oasis of Ishmael was far away now, a little glint of silver in the distance. The King led her to the well that they had come to, and handed her a bucket.


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