Chapter 59 The deceptive brook

Drink from the deep“I know who I am going to marry” said Prince Mentor.  “Who?” the Princess asked, eyebrows raised.  “My ladyfriend” he replied, adding “all the signs and prophetic words I’ve been given point to her.  Irked, the Princess did not reply.  She waited until she was on her own, and went into the Kingdom to find the King.

Fuming, she kicked the bucket down the hill. She saw it hid a ledge. She went down and gave it another good kick, making sure it went all the way down to the bottom.  Swinging around, she met the King, her eyes lit green with anger and defiance. “You said He was the one, but he said you have someone else for him.  What is going in here?  I don’t want to drink from this well.”

“You have to” the King stated. Getting really angry, she asked “Have you gone mad?  He appears to have all the signs of Isaac, but he is not. Thanks for the mind game that I do not need right now. You are killing me. Thank you for bringing him to me – NOT. ”

She cried out, “How can I ever learn to trust either of you? If I go on the plain meaning of his words, my map is wrong, or you are a liar. If I go on the signs you have given me, then he is the liar. I am getting out of this.”

“Come here” He said. Sighing, she swung around again, her eyes still green.

She spoke; “Why is my pain unending?
And my wound grievous and incurable?
Will you be to me like a deceptive brook?
Like a spring that fails?”  Jeremiah 15:18

He said “My word is true, and I am watching to see it accomplished. I cannot lie”. She looked down.  The bucket was back at her feet.   The hot January sun was entering the sign of Aquarius, the water bearer.

Shaking her head, she said “I’m sorry. I do not like this place, being stuck on the side of a hill. Please lead me away from here”.

“Come with me” the King replied.   “Where are we going?” she asked. “To the well” He replied. She sighed, and followed after Him.  The King and Prince Mentor were driving her crazy.  Walking back to the well, she looked in. It was deep.

She stepped back and looked around. Prince Mentor, who had been sending her messages, appeared.   Circling each other warily, they began to talk.

He too had received the message from the King about the well.  When he read it he had been amused at the King’s words, and wondered what her reaction would be. “You do not know the half of it” she thought, watching him.   She needed his knowledge at work, but he needed her knowledge of the Kingdom.  He was her mentor, but she was the one within his reach who knew something he needed to know; something he’d never learn on his own.


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