Chapter 61 Ishmael and Isaac

god-quote-pictures-life-quote-pics-sayings-images-600x337Ishmael was on the mind of the Princess, and she let something slip about him when Prince Mentor walked into her lab later on in the day.  Prince Mentor slowly said “That is significant. I have been told about Ishmael”.  She replied “I never meant to say anything about ‘Ishmael’. I don’t even know how that came out”.

Smiling he replied “I understand how it came out. I was meant to hear that. It will be a test of your trust in me.” She hated it when men demanded her trust, but she let it pass. The things the King had shown her were kept to herself. She was not ready to reveal all she knew. Wary, she waited to see how he would treat her before she decided about trust.

The Princess asked “What does Ishmael mean to you?”   He replied “Ishmael was conceived before God had made the covenant of circumcision with Abram. This covenant marked the point at which Abram became Abraham. The addition of the H denotes the breath of God, and by implication the holiness of God. Abraham asked God to bless Ishmael, which God did. God’s covenant was with Isaac though.   The Hebrew meaning for Ishmael is, ‘God will hear.’   Isaac means laughter”.

From his reply the Princess could see that the King had not given him anything specific about her Ishmael, and relaxed, choosing a safer subject.  She spoke of the others she had met on the path; “The only difference is that with the others, I have picked and chosen who joins me, lately I haven’t been given a lot of choice!” Smiling, he replied “You mean He has chosen for you!”

Why did he say the King had chosen for her? She shot a quick look at the King. Had he revealed anything to him about being chosen? Prince Mentor continued “He’s bringing you to a point where you will have to face some issues. When you chose who walked with you it was possible to avoid those issues”.

She could not ask what the chosen meant to him, instead asking “What are you talking about? My gut feeling is you are normally open and honest, but you are holding something back. I can and I will figure it out”. He replied “As for holding something back … yes and no. As you start to understand the prophetic gift you will realise why this is so. He has shown me stuff that I can’t tell you, He will in His time.”

He continued “I can tell you that His revelations help me from taking offense. Essentially it gives me grace to handle the ‘tantrums’.”

He revealed “I’m sharing part of a prophetic word over me, which should also give you more insight into what is happening. “….God says ‘…. For you have the ability to touch those that others can’t reach. You have the ability to really reach out to some that others don’t even want to be a part of.’….””….For God says ‘I’m releasing even within you the healing anointing that you can be able to walk with the heart that needs to be mended, needs to be made right, needs to be made whole.’ For He’s taken away the hurts, and the pains, and the sorrows, and the frustrations….” So as you can see, I’m only following part of His calling for me.”

Need Direction  Jesus is the way  John 14:6The King bid her step forward and reveal herself. Gingerly coming out of hiding, she revealed who she was. She showed him her map. “At the start of my journey the Lord told me to set up signs and mark the road, and I did. I used the bible to do it; I use it as a map – that’s how I know where I am, and what this is. I use a Kingdom story, which is my safe place where I can go to work out stuff with Him, interpret the signs, get rid of dragons, and correct my walk”. Prince Mentor replied “His word is the Atlas. He gives me dreams and visions as mud maps.”  He smiled as he added, “So that’s how I know where I am. He also gave me a good dose of discernment.”

Stunned, she said “I feel like I am going into a different world a part of me knows, but never dreamed would come true. The Kingdom was a place where I could go, hear from my Father, and work out stuff in the outside world – it was a story!!!   I am shocked to see it become real. Oh, what have I done?” Prince Mentor replied “You haven’t done anything. Remember this saying;  ‘Courage is fear that has said its prayers’.”  She described Isaac, but kept hidden the fact that the King had told her to ask from him, just before she had met him for the first time five years ago.

“In the story – Isaac is the one who knows the King, bows to Him, is taught by Him, understands scripture, wears armour, and has conquered the dragon in bloody battles, yet laughs easily. Isaac knows the desert, for he has lived there too. He’s Ishmael’s younger brother, but the inheritance is his. He is my equal.”

“I met Ishmael while I was walking through the desert. Ishmael won’t inherit what the King has, for he believes the King’s book has been changed, and so cannot accept the truth. I tried to help him towards the truth. I know the Father’s word never returns empty, and pray that He will come to know the King like we do.”

She showed him the places where she existed and walked with the King.  “The desert is a harsh place; it leads to places like Samaria and Ishmael. I had been choosing the wrong places to go for water. The only well I knew was at Samaria, and I did not want to go back there, nor could I go to Ishmael.   The Lord took me back to Samaria, showed me the woman there, taught me about living water, and showed me what to drink. I said ‘the well is deep, and there is no cup’. So anyway I seem to have ended up here, with a bucket – when a cup would have done, a mentor I have to get close to, and a well that I did not trust because I thought it was deceptive. I didn’t trust you, so I had to test the waters. I am sorry for the bad temper, but I am wary, and here be dragons. I don’t know who I am yet, in the Kingdom story I write, I have no name.”

Isaac replied “That confirmed most of what I had been shown. I did miss a couple of details, though I wasn’t surprised because they fit the scenario”. He said “Remember, Isaac has fought those dragons too”.

Cautiously testing the waters, she said “I know who you are”. He replied “Prince Mentor. There’s an irony to this that makes me laugh each time I see Him work like this.” Then he indicated where he wanted to go with her, “Some of Isaac’s mentors may appear to be dragons at first. You may be required to give them trust as well. Only time will tell on that score. To be scared is fine; just don’t let a spirit of fear take control. He never intended our walk to be a stroll in the park. We will have mountains and valleys to traverse; we just have to ask Him to be there with us.”

What did he mean by ‘Isaac’s mentors’?   She grew uneasy. Where was this going?   Then he went completely off track.   “You realise, that when things develop further with my lady friend, I will have to let her know about the ‘mentoring’. NOT THE DETAILS, just the fact that it is happening, and perhaps who is being mentored. You don’t need to worry about this, but you do need to know where I stand. I will be making myself accountable to pastoral / eldership oversight on this. No details, but my accountability person will know who it is. I’m praying who that oversight should be. If this is unacceptable, let me know, and mentoring will cease forthwith.”

She realized that although he heard nearly everything, he understood nothing, and was still focused on his imaginary lady friend! She had shared nearly every precious thing the King had given her, and watched him trample it underfoot. Who did he think he was? After the grief came anger. How DARE he try to take control?   What did he want to construct, another triangle?

Growing angrier by the minute, she threw the bucket down the hill and snapped at him, “What are you talking about? I only need you to mentor me at work!  I can look after myself, and I don’t need anybody to rescue me!”

After putting him in his place, she retreated into fuming silence and sulked.   He could see the door was closed, and misunderstanding his role he said “I believe you are missing it as far as the mentoring thing is concerned. I recognise it is my role to show you where healing can be found. Perhaps give you some insight as well. We obviously have different definitions of mentoring.”

“Obviously” she fumed. This prince thought she needed rescuing, not courting. Angry, she went to look for the King. “Where are you?” she cried.

The King replied while her daughter was watching the Princess Diaries, saying;

My dearest daughter,
Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear. The brave may not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all. From now on, you will be travelling the road between who you think you are and who you can be. The key is to allow yourself to make the journey   –   the Princess Diaries



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