Chapter 69 Shelter in the storm

Feb stormAnxious, the Princess looked out the window and grimaced at the wind gusts that rocked the house as huge storms lashed the lower half of the North Island. She sat at the kitchen table with her sister on the eve of her wedding, while the wild wind blew outside, and storm clouds chased each other across the sky. Her sister, who was to be her Matron of Honour, asked “Do you think the storm will stop by tomorrow?”

“I don’t know,” the Princess groaned. She threw a worried look at the King and addressed Him directly. “God, I need you to do something about this storm. Can you make it stop, like you did when you were in the boat with your disciples? I want the sun to shine, and hear the locusts make that summer sound. Can you do that, please?”

The King smiled. There would be no more locusts for her. He would give something different, something He had promised. Her sister’s green eyes shone as she spoke “I belong to Him too, for I have asked Him into my heart.” The news completed her happiness. She wanted to run into the Kingdom and race with the clouds. The King who already knew, smiled His happiness, saying “She has the heart of a lioness.  Even so, I will protect my lamb.”

The day of the wedding arrived, grey and stormy. They prayed for the storms to stop, as did every person in the Kingdom attending the weOn Justin's arm, Wedding 21-2-04 resizeddding. Guests who travelled navigated floods, closed roads, and fallen trees.

Finally, it was time to travel to the garden the Princess would be married in. The wind abated, and by the time the car pulled in, the weather became calm. At the end of the solitary path, just before they entered the garden, the Princess gathered her children to her. “I am so grateful for you both. You are so special. I love you both very much, and I am very proud of you. Thank you for being such great children, and for being so good to me in the years we have been alone.”

The solitary path ended. She walked the path on her son’s arm, over the green lawn to Isaac, the man with the white hair who waited for her.

The storm battered the land outside the trees, but inside the garden the air was still.

Our wedding at Homestead Garden resizedThe sun came out in all its brilliance as the King heard the song and made His entrance. They had invited Him to the wedding, and she felt the presence of unseen witnesses that accompanied Him that day. Sunlight filled the garden. Isaac kept his eyes on her and she saw the emotion and light on his face.

As they made their vows, two monarch butterflies fluttered in the still air in front of them. The guests, incredulous at Our wedding at Homestead Garden 1the calm in the storm, asked “Did you see the butterflies, as you were making your vows?”

After the wedding ceremony, they left the garden to make their way into town where their reception was held indoors at the town civic centre.

The storm rolled in again, after the wedding reception ended and they left for their honeymoon.  Their journey was interrupted by falling trees, which the windbutterfly R snapped in half and threw on the road.  The Princess studied Isaac’s profile while they were stopped waiting for the road to be cleared.  “I hope our marriage is not going to be this stormy!” she remarked.  Smiling, Isaac replied “Well our courtship certainly was!  Perhaps the storms will end, now we are married.”

The weather was calm at the lodge they stayed at by the banks of the Tongariro river, but when they left another storm struck, and the swollen river swept through the grounds.  It seemed the King protected them from the worst it.

“He calmed the storm to a whisper and stilled the waves” Psalm 107:29



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