Book cover Welcome to my blog.  I am the author of “The Kingdom, Here Be Dragons, Here Be Dreams.  The main character is God, “the King.”  It’s a tale about good versus evil.  

I wrote this inspirational tale about a journey along the narrow path to deal with dragons and record dreams.  It served as a journal and a rough map of the journey I took to find the way, the truth, and the life.  It kept a record of my conversations with the King and things revealed to me.  When His words worked out in real life I realised I was receiving God’s guidance and counsel for real.  Would you like that for yourself?

If yBuy this e-book on Kindleou are interested in how God can reveal Himself and speak to an ordinary person, this story is for you. 

To buy the book, click here on the Kindle link.

Here’s a video of the story, based on the book synopsis.

7 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Many blessings to you too, and thanks for your blog. I’m glad you liked my post about writing the revelation on tablets. I guess it’s an unusual way to come out of abuse. I wish I’d had tablets to read when the Lord told me to do it! I could have gone to a site like yours and realised I wasn’t the only one in that situation. Blogs weren’t around back then either.

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      • Yes, times have changed and I have felt that God is calling out those who have been abused to speak out to help others. We have to stop the silence to hopefully stop the violence. God has better plans for all of us than to settle for a life of abuse. May He pour out His blessings upon you as you share His Kingdom messages.


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