What is the Kingdom of God like?

The Kingdom of God is likeThe Kingdom of God is like a teacher and a pastor who became a truck driver …

God now has him on the road, searching for the lost.
He said;
“Truck driving is like life in a microcosm, you see people at their best, you see them at their worst.”

He found that God is alive and well outside the walls of the church.  He had to adopt the attitude that the joy is the journey, not the destination.

These are some of the other things he said;
“God is present out here … working.  He is everywhere.”
“It’s not about where you are or what you are doing, the Kingdom of God is about getting in touch with God right here and now … 24-7.”

As he rested he wondered what fellow travellers the Father would bring across his path that day.  God spends much of His time outside of the religious institutions – just like His Son did.  “I guess it runs in the family.”

5 thoughts on “What is the Kingdom of God like?

  1. Hello. Yes, I agree with the church without walls, I’ve been walking in my ministry as a deliveryperson, etc. since my mid-20s. But now community is everything to me.
    Whether it be in a truck, in a car, or at the local church. I Pray to see from God’s perspective and try not to be led solely by the teachings of men and women.
    While purity is a good motivation to stay separate -I fear being led astray and forsaking the gathering together, true communion and worship.
    I am in membership classes now with the group I feel that is done the most good in my community – not the largest – not the tallest steeple but the most engagement in the soil of my community.
    A pastor/friend once said we are a ministry of ministers, so if the church treats all of their members as equal then the community recognize the difference too. instead of Sheeple, they see a holy nation / a peculiar people. The leaves of THIS tree will heal nations! pray We can let our destiny become bigger than ourselves. Peace through the prince of peace. Yeshua (Jesus) our Messiah

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    • Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate you visiting the blog. I agree with you that we as Christians are a called out people who are called to ministry. Yes Church is important so we don’t forsake the gathering together, we can worship, get prayer when we need it and serve with our talents and spiritual gifts.
      I believe we need more teaching in the Church about the Kingdom of God and our place as ministers within the Kingdom. Jesus prayed we would be not be taken out of the world but kept safe from the evil one. We are a nation within the world, and we are his ambassadors,
      I pray the Lord will bless and protect you in your ministry as a delivery person, and may His Kingdom be advanced through your place in the body of Christ and your work in the community outside the Church.
      Keep shining that light 🙂
      God bless, Jo


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