Signs in the Heavens – March 2015

I am the light, Image of Christ appears in the aurora borealis above Iceland 19-3-15

‘I am the light’: Image of Christ the Redeemer appears in the aurora borealis above Iceland.

We are truly in the times of the signs, and I promised I’d blog about them.  First of all, we had Northern and Southern lights, on the 18th March 2015 from the magnetic storms hitting the planet.  Here in NZ, they went all the way up to Auckland.  Did you see them where you were?

When Jesus was asked about the signs in the end times, He said; “There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars.” Luke 21:25.

Here is a wonderful sign that appeared from the Northern lights >


It confirmed something I’d prayed about earlier in the week.  I asked the Lord what He wanted me to blog about in the lead up to Easter.  “I AM the Light of the World” is the answer that came to me.  I always wait for a confirmation, and I think the picture of Him appearing in the aurora borealis is a wonderful sign.

Solar Eclipse 20-3-2015

Solar Eclipse 20-3-2015

Tomorrow there will be a solar eclipse on Friday the 19/3/15 in the northern hemisphere.  This is a solar occurrence that has never happened before in human history.  It coincides with the day of the Spring (and Autumn) Equinox and the beginning of the Hebrew month of Nissan, the first month in the Biblical calendar year.  “The concurrence and rarity of this natural event, together with the times in which we live, indicates the finger of God,” Gidon Ariel, an Israeli Orthodox Jew told Breaking Israel News.  Source:

The 3rd blood moon of the Tetrad occurs next month on April 4th.  A Tetrad is where there are four lunar eclipses in a row.

Here’s a handy link if you want to track the eclipses:

I’m down in the southern hemisphere so I won’t see tomorrow’s eclipse, but I’d be interested in hearing about what you see in the northern part of the world.


9 thoughts on “Signs in the Heavens – March 2015

    • Thanks for the nice comment! I’m glad you are also watching the signs of the Lord’s coming. I see you have a link to Tru News on your site. We listen to Rick too.
      The sign of Virgo and Draco is really interesting. I’ll have to read more reading about that and the Mazzaroth. I do believe it will have a future fulfillment when Israel has to run for it in the Tribulation (Revelation 12).
      God bless, Jo


      • Woops! Sorry, Jo. I need to start following my WordPress alerts. I didn’t see your reply until now! I believe that the sign in Rev 12 of the woman clothed in the sun has been fulfilled and that we are beginning to see the fallen angels cast out of heaven, now. I posted on it, here:

        Thanks for your reply!


      • No worries about the late reply. Your post about Virgo is interesting but I still don’t think we’re up to Revelation 12 yet, because the Tribulation hasn;t started. Regarding the fallen angels – I think they may start appearing if the physists at Cern and Fermilab interfere with the Higgs field in their quest for anti-matter. Have you been following that?


  1. My middle name is Ruth and I love Gene Edwards book about the last days and the church of “Ruth” – if you haven’t found a copy find one.
    Coincidentally, I just loaded the star charts app on my I Pad. I live near the Gulf of Mexico and Virgo the sign of LOVE is so bright is has my attention even this evening.
    Somehow, I know we will be “led” to do things not common to our walk, so I pray we will all pay attention to the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit to accomplish these very important last day events in the Love of Yeshua – not the world.
    Victory TRuth


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