A prophecy from 1986

ow are you doing during the Covid-19 lock down?  New Zealand goes to level 3 tomorrow.  My sister forwarded me this prophecy from 1986 by David Wilkerson (deceased) the founder of  Times Square Church in New York and author of the Cross and Switchblade.  

I found it very interesting, as David Wilkerson could be speaking right now of the current coronavirus.  As with anything on the internet it needs verifying.  I have checked it out and I believe it.

David Wilkerson 1986

This prophecy came from sermon notes made in 1986 by Mike Evans; author, journalist, commentator, and the head of several international non-profit organizations in the U.S. and Netherlands – perhaps for such a time as this.

David Wilkerson said that before the great awakening, there will be a great shaking.  His messages are relevant to now.  I hope a great awakening does come out of this, to awaken the world to truth and prepare us for what’s coming.


I have received this verification: Ted Shuttlesworth, who knew Wilkerson personally, said, “me and Reg Wilkerson remember it.”

Here’s the clip:


16 thoughts on “A prophecy from 1986

  1. Hi Jo and thanks for posting this, which I was thinking of re-blogging for my collection of pandemic-related prophecies. However, and as am in discussion about their validity, I regret to advise have just come across this ‘fact-checker’ which states there’s no evidence for Mike’s claim, other than his own thus making it hearsay > https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/apr/24/facebook-posts/no-pastor-david-wilkerson-did-not-predict-covid-19/


  2. Thank you for this. David Wilkerson was a man of high integrity. He had separated himself from the extravagances of many preachers and ministries during those times due to their non-Biblical practices. His spiritual track record is excellent, in my opinion. He served in part as a rock unmoved in a time when many ministries were stretching the borders of convention and calling for greater allowances beyond the pure Word and Gospel message, in large part to gain monetary profit and fame. David always said that early in his ministry the Lord told him if he would do His will his ministry would never be in debt, and from what I have learned it never was. He always trusted the Lord and the Lord always provided without him having to beg for money.

    I agree with all the others that this does not appear to be for real though David certainly made many prophecies like it. I would not take the word of one man from which the entire prophecy proceeds. I do know what the Lord told me regarding the Great Awakening.

    Blessings to you, and thanks again.

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    • Hi,
      Sorry I haven’t been back to you sooner – we’ve got no broadband at the moment, just to make lock down even harder!
      I agree with you about David Wilkerson, we need more men like him. I read his book “The Cross and the Switchblade” years ago, that’s how I got to know about him.
      I decided to blog about it as the man who published it has a good bio and it’s possible the Lord did bring it back to him for this time – but we’ll never know for sure. Yes David did make many prophecies like it.
      Kind regards,

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    • Hi Richard,
      Sorry I haven’t been back to you sooner – we’ve got no broadband at the moment, just to make lock down even harder!
      I decided to write about it as Mike Evans, the author / journalist who published this, has a good bio and it’s possible the Lord did bring it back to him for this time – but we’ll never know for sure. 
      I hope you’re surviving lock down okay, I am over it 🙂
      Kind regards,

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      • Didn’t have time to respond more fully b4 Jo and know of Dr Mike, having blogged on him several times but thought the claim, in view of criticisms, needed more support. So appreciate the further info…

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      • I have no reason to doubt him, that’s why I initially went with his recollection of David Wilkerson’s words. I’m glad you encouraged me to corroborate it though. If the great awakening doesn’t happen in the future, we’ll know it wasn’t from the Lord.


      • Thanks Jo. In response to the latest I watched the video you provided. I want you to know that I have read several of David Wilkerson’s books. I have been on his mail-out list for about twenty five years receiving his written sermons every three weeks or so, and I remain on it since his son Gary took over after David’s death. Though obviously not a personal friend, I am well acquainted with his writings, his prophecies, his preaching videos, and his life story. I was even blessed to see him live once at a television show taping. Such events were very rare because David was almost never on television in such formats.

        I told you what I thought about this in my previous comment and am thankful for your gracious reply. I have also known my friend Richard for several years as a fellow blogger. I said at the time, over two weeks ago, as verified initially by Michael Brown, that there was only one known source. Now there is perhaps two. Consider that against the vast denials by so many people very close to David that had never heard of it before.

        In my knowledge of David Wilkerson’s writings after so many years, I have no memory of any such prophecy and I think it would stand out. If he said it that’s great. But for me that is no longer the issue. It appears that it just showed up out of the blue. I would think we would have had a much better record of it and that such a record would have been provided and confirmed by official, legitimate members of his ministry.

        Regarding what is associated with this prophecy, I received a word from the Lord almost ten years ago in August of 2010 that we were at that time in the early stages of a national Great Awakening. I put this in writing and have been saying it on my website since I created it nine years ago. At that time no one I knew or was associated with including ministers saw any evidence of it for several years, but since then many have. Over the last two years or so knowledge of such an Awakening has been ramped up.

        Richard’s site is giving much such evidence but even Richard will likely tell you that was not the case ten years ago. A few have undoubtedly prophesied of an Awakening going back longer than ten years.

        The good news about David’s supposed prophecy is that it speaks of a Great Awakening. However, because I consider myself relatively well informed through my own hard work and research, I had never heard of any single prophecy about this current worldwide pandemic in any Christian circle. There had been no such direct prophecies that I am aware of prior to its occurrence. This is not to say they didn’t exist because the Lord often warns us. Maybe such prophecies came through obscure sources.

        Sometimes a so-called prophecy can be construed to mean many things. Maybe somebody somewhere is claiming such. But actual prophecy is specific and not open-ended. If David Wilkerson made this prophecy, it is certainly specific. It remains curious, however, that the vast majority of those associated with him had ever heard of it until the current event came forth.

        Blessings to you, Jo. Thank you for allowing me to post.

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      • Thanks for your well thought out response. I think we’re hoping that the Lord did speak specifically into this situation, as it’s a road none of us have been down, and it would be comforting if He’d warned us. We know we’re in the end times but we don’t know how long it’s going to be, and without a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem it could be years. Therefore we’ll have to be strong and resist the fear and the tightening controls of our leaders as world government stalks us and obtains what it wants by stealth.
        If the second part – the great awakening doesn’t come about in the future, we’ll know the prophecy in question is false.
        Jesus did say there’d be pestilence and the first horseman would be given a corona! However I know this is not what he meant!
        We are living in interesting times.
        God bless,

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  3. Hi Jo, and thanks for yours and RJ’s update. We’re on extended lockdown because Govt didn’t act quickly – and ignored warnings of its own trial run in 2016! You may have noted what’s happened for us, as told at end of blog on Chris Wickland’s death and revival.

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  5. PolitiFact reached out to the Times Square Church, the non-denominational church that Wilkerson established in 1987, and a spokesperson there said, “The church is not aware of Pastor David ever writing that in any of his books or sermons.”

    Hi. I thought what a wonderful prophecy but wanted to check that it was actually what was said. I received the above answer from PolitFact.


    • Hi Barry,
      Yes I am aware that Times Squre Church don’t have a record of this. The prophecy came from sermon notes by author and journalist Mike Evans.
      I have no reason to doubt Evans or that the notes have come to light now. This has been verified by Ted Shuttlesworth, who knew Wilkerson personally. He said that “both he and Reg Wilkerson remembered it.”
      I recommend viewing the video clips I’ve provided in my post and then you can decide.
      Kind regards,

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