The Kingdom – first draft


For such is the Kingdom
Encounter in the Valley
The gift of the Shepherd
Coal under pressure
The word at the levelled hill
The Pits

Chapter 1 Silver-tongue and the Dragon
Chapter 2 Shield of Faith
Chapter 3 The Breastplate of Righteousness
Chapter 4 The warning
Chapter 5 The promise
Chapter 6 The road to freedom
Chapter 7 Onset of Winter
Chapter 8 The Mourning After
Chapter 9 Broken Spirit
Chapter 10 Standing in the gap
Chapter 11 Praying the Word
Chapter 12 View from the mountain
Chapter 13 Princess Deborah and the word
Chapter 14 The Flatlands
Chapter 15 True Beauty
Chapter 16 The place of the tower
Chapter 17 Dalliance
Chapter 18 At the crossroads
Chapter 19 Pearls to pigs
Chapter 20 The circle of friends
Chapter 21 Stones
Chapter 22 Laying a new foundation
Chapter 23 Rebuilding the wall
Chapter 24 Forgiveness
Chapter 25 The Solitary Path
Chapter 26 Liang
Chapter 27 The Attack
Chapter 28 The confrontation
Chapter 29 The Butterfly
Chapter 30 The winds of change
Chapter 31 Doubt, and the King’s answer
Chapter 32 Breaking with the past
Chapter 33 Walls
Chapter 34 The journey home to the Father
Chapter 35 The Father’s response
Chapter 36 Counting the Cost
Chapter 37 Blameless heart
Chapter 38 Mercy, not sacrifice
Chapter 39 The three treasures
Chapter 40 Almond Grove
Chapter 41 Millennium
Chapter 42 Canberra
Chapter 43 The sky’s the limit
Chapter 44 The Doldrums
Chapter 45 Message on the rock
Chapter 46 Ishmael
Chapter 47 Why drink water from the River?
Chapter 48 His purpose will stand
Chapter 49 The band of gold
Chapter 50 Wellspring
Chapter 50 Wellspring (continued)
Chapter 51 The valley of Achor
Chapter 52 Closure
Chapter 53 The door of hope
Chapter 54 Full circle
Chapter 55 Prince Mentor
Chapter 56 American Eagle
Chapter 57 Message from the King
Chapter 58 The Well Of Salvation
Chapter 59 The deceptive brook
Chapter 60 Iron sharpens iron
Chapter 61 Ishmael and Isaac
Chapter 62 Choosing the chosen
Chapter 63 The Kings demand
Chapter 64 The courtship
Chapter 65 Road’s end
Chapter 66 Dreams and Visions
Chapter 67 Lord Of The Rings
Chapter 68 A promise fulfilled
Chapter 69 Shelter in the storm
Chapter 70 Turning North
Chapter 71 The new land
Chapter 72 Treasures of darkness
Chapter 73 The seed
Chapter 74 The year of inheritance
Chapter 75 The Princess unmasked


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