Angels Prayer

Do you need a prayer for bad dreams?

When I was a child, my parents who were into ‘colonial furniture’ bought a bed and dresser for my bedroom from a deceased man’s estate.  The furniture gave me the creeps.  I begged them to take it away but I was forced to live with it.  It was always oppressive in that room, particularly at night.  I remember finding regalia in the bottom drawer of the dresser and pulling it on over my head.

I don’t know how long afterward this happened, but something caught my eye when I was kneeling on my bed reading.  It was a black arm, right next to me, it’s hand gripping the side of the bed.  This was in broad daylight.  Neither parent cared about what I’d seen.  I didn’t know the Lord or even how to pray.  To protect myself I would say the words to “Away in a manger” every night.

I had terrible dreams for years after, until I was able to trust the Lord as my Father, and He helped me banish my demons.

After I bought my house in 1996, I asked the Lord for a bed-time prayer for my five and six-year-old children.   I didn’t want them to suffer the terror I had felt as a child.

This is the prayer He gave me.

I also got a tune to go with it.  Sometimes we’d say it, sometimes we’d sing it.   It is a simple prayer, easy to remember, and better than a dream catcher.

It’s free to share with any child who needs it.

Dear Lord,
How great you are.
I know my angels are always in your presence.
Please send me my angels now,
To guard me, my room, my house and my dreams.
And I thank you,
In Jesus name.

The Kingdom, Here Be Dragons, Here Be Dreams

KLost on a crooked path, Joanna could not see the wood for the trees. Denied her dreams, she’d got caught up with Silver-tongue, an evil manipulative man. 

Seeking a way out of the maze, she encountered the King, who she’d been estranged from. It was to him that Joanna turned for counsel after discovering he was Abba, her Father.

Leading Joanna to a narrow road, he told her to set up signposts and build landmarks. She was to set her heart on the highway leading to his Kingdom and a forgotten inheritance.

But here be dragons, and Silver-tongue. She had to battle her way out of bewilderment in her effort to break free.

Learning the King’s will from the Book the King inspired, Joanna found that man cannot live by bread alone.  “Call to me, and I will show you great and wonderful things” the King promised.

The King’s word came alive, and she was given dreams, with signs to follow.

Given a shepherd’s staff in the Valley of Shadow, Joanna was led by the King along the Path of Righteousness. Picking up her lamp she followed him towards the sunrise.  His word was like a light shining in a dark place.

As Joanna struggled through the Valley of Trouble she learned that you have to go through many trials to enter the Kingdom of God.  In the desert Joanna had to make a choice between Ishmael, and Isaac … the son of the promise.

One thing the King spoke – but two things could be heard if Joanna listened. She paid attention, listening to the Logos word for learning and the Rhema word for revelation.

In writing about her journey home by recording the Rhema word, she uncovered her part in a story that had been written generations before.


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This inspirational story is well worth the read.

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